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Monisha Rao

 Thank you for giving me confidence to leave my hair open! Thank you for making me love my hair more everyday. 
I have used the Inari Naturals herbal hair cleanser and Banana hair mask which effectively cleanses my scalp and nourishes my hair at the same time.
I am so glad I came across your Curl Cure Instagram page! 
Concern: Hairfall, dryness
Product : Anti hairfall Herbal Cleanser

Banana hair mask




Thanks for your guidance loved❤️it couldn't happen without you! 
I regularly use  the Satin pillowcase and Bonnet now and since months, now I can wake up with frizz free and  smooth hair.
 It also helps me extend my washdays! 
Thank you so much Simran and Curl Cure.
Concern: Frizzy, unruly hair

Roshi Sharma

See the progress, it's perfect! Got amazing results after using Inari Naturals Anti Dandruff Herbal cleanser suggested by you.
 80% relief in first application itself. Inari Naturals cleansers are fantastic.
Thank you so much for your suggestion! 
Concern: Dandruff

Cherry Verma

Just wanted to drop a note to show you what magic you've done to my hair!
Got my hands on your magical Detangle Brush and see the results!!
Can't tell you how happy and satisfied I am! God bless you and may you keel spreading your curly magic wherever you go! 

Product:Product Detangle Brush


Hi Simran
Used your hair milk conditioner and styled as usual.
Can see the difference 😍
I think it's not clearly visible in the picture.
I used the milk conditioner for the 2nd time today.
Product:Hair Milk

Mayuri Ravindra

Hi Simran, my hair look much better and healthy than before all thanks to the products and methods suggested by you. I just can't stop looking at my own curls thank you thank you so much lots of love 
Also, my curls never felt so hydrated and fresh and healthy before  you are a true magician  Thank you so much  much love to you