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Water Based Hair Serum

Hair Growth Elixir

Hair Growth Elixir

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Benefits: Promotes hair growth | Increases blood circulation | Strengthens hair | Nourishes hair | Reduces hair thinning | Easy to use | Suitable for all hair types

Better For You Ingredients

Key ingredients: Redensyl, Gotu Kola, Amla, Keratin, Procapil, Anagain, Wheat Germ, Vitamin C, Hibiscus, Jatamasi, Brahmi, Liquorice, Fenugreek.

In depth of our ingredients #NothingToHide :

-Aqua: Water serves as a solvent for the other ingredients in the product.
-Resdensyl: A patented ingredient that claims to promote hair growth and reduce hair loss.
-Gotu Kola Extract: Contains triterpenoids and asiaticoside, which can help to improve the condition of the scalp and strengthen hair.
-Amla Extract: Rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, it helps to nourish and strengthen hair.
-Keratin: A protein that is naturally found in hair and helps to strengthen and protect it.
-Anagain: A patented ingredient derived from pea sprouts that claims to stimulate hair growth and reduce hair loss.
-Procapil: A patented ingredient that claims to promote hair growth and reduce hair loss.
-Gluconolactone: A gentle exfoliant that helps to remove dead skin cells from the scalp.
-Wheat Germ Extract: Rich in vitamins and minerals, it helps to nourish and strengthen hair.
-Ginger Extract: Contains gingerols, which can help to improve blood circulation in the scalp and promote healthy hair growth.
-Hibiscus Extract: Rich in vitamins and minerals, it helps to nourish and strengthen hair.
-Brahmi Extract: Contains bacosides, which can help to improve the condition of the scalp and strengthen hair.
-Fenugreek Extract: Contains proteins and nicotinic acid, which can help to strengthen hair and promote healthy growth.
-Jatamansi Extract: Contains antioxidants, which can help to protect hair from damage.
-Liquorice Extract: Contains glycyrrhizin, which can help to soothe and condition the scalp.
-Propylene Glycol: Acts as a humectant, helping to retain moisture in the hair.
-Glycerine: A humectant that attracts moisture to hair and helps to retain it, keeping hair moisturized.
-Alkyl Benzoate (C-12-15): A synthetic oil that provides a light, non-greasy feel and helps to condition hair.
-Hydrogenated Castor Oil: A thickening agent that helps to add volume to hair.
-Sodium Benzoate: A preservative that helps to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and prolong the shelf life of the product.
-Potassium Sorbate: A preservative that helps to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and prolong the shelf life of the product.

How to use

Take a deep breathe and align yourself.

Step 1:
Apply a generous amount using the dropper directly on your scalp, focusing at the area of hair loss.

Step 2
Massage well into scalp using fingertips, this helps in blood flow and making sure the serum is absorbed well.

Step 3
Make sure to rinse hands after.

P.S: You can use the growth elixir on your Eyebrows, Eyelashes as well as Nails as all of them are made with keratin bonds that is one of our key ingredients.

Frequently Asked

🌀 What is hair growth elixir?
-Hair growth elixir is a serum that is designed to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss. It contains a blend of natural or plant based active ingredients that nourish the hair follicles and stimulate hair growth.

🌀 How do I use hair growth serum?
-Hair growth elixir is applied directly to the scalp and massaged in gently. It can be used daily.

🌀 How long does it take to see results from using hair growth serum?
-Results from using hair growth elixir can vary depending on the individual. It takes about 90 days of consistent use to see noticeable results.

🌀 Can hair growth serum be used on all hair types?
-Yes, hair growth serum can be used on all hair types, including curly, straight, and textured hair.

🌀 Are there any side effects of using hair growth serum?
-We advise to always do a patch test before using any natural product. Discontinue use if any adverse reactions occur.

🌀 Can I use hair growth serum with other hair products?
-Yes, hair growth serum can be used with other hair products, such as shampoo and conditioner. It is important to wait for the serum to dry before applying other products.

🌀 Can hair growth serum be used on chemically treated hair?
-Yes, hair growth serum can be used on chemically treated hair.

🌀 Will the hair growth stop if I don't use it?
The hair growth elixir promotes new growth, so we advise to use it until you have reached an optimal growth stage. It is not addictive and you will not shed hair if you discontinue using it.

  • Promotes hair growth with a potent blend of nourishing ingredients.
  • Increases blood circulation to the scalp, enhancing hair follicle health.
  • Strengthens hair strands, reducing breakage and promoting thicker hair.
  • Reduces hair thinning and supports overall hair density.
  • Easy to use, with a lightweight, water-based formula, hence non-greasy.
  • Suitable for all hair types.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Aroma (Delhi, IN)
Really happy with the product

I am really surprised with how affordable this is with the quantity that we get . Cannot wait to be your regular customer and see the results

ViviR (Coimbatore, IN)
"Revolutionary Elixir Unlocks the Secret to Luxurious Hair Growth: Transform Your Tresses in Weeks!"

First Impressions: The elixir came in an elegantly designed bottle with a dropper, making application precise and effortless. It had a pleasant, herbal scent that was not overpowering, a refreshing change from other treatments. The consistency was light, and it absorbed quickly without leaving my hair greasy or weighed down.Usage Experience: I applied the elixir to my scalp every night, massaging it gently to stimulate circulation. The process became a soothing ritual, and within just a few weeks, I started noticing a difference. My hair felt stronger and looked shinier, but the real magic happened after two months of consistent use.Results: My hair has transformed. It’s not only longer but also denser and healthier than it has ever been. Areas that were starting to thin are now filled with new growth, and my hair overall has more volume and bounce. Friends and family have commented on the noticeable difference, asking me what my secret is.Overall Thoughts: The Amazing Hair Growth Elixir has been a game-changer for me. It's not just the visible growth and improved hair texture; it's the confidence boost that comes with having healthy, beautiful hair. For anyone on the fence, I highly recommend giving this elixir a try. It’s a small investment in your hair care routine that pays off in a big way.

Madhavi (Bengaluru, IN)
Must have for any hair type

It grew back my baby hairs in two months . Definitely give a try , Affordable - Easy to use -Extremely effective

ashwini (Chennai, IN)
Must try

Actually i was having a lot of hair fall after delivery. I tried many home remedies which didnt work much but after started using Hair growth elixir for almost 25days I am writing this review I am able to see lot of baby hairs thank you so much for bringing this product. I will continue using the product and will update you the results.

Monali Phasge (Pune, IN)

A bit expensive but it's worth it...It starts working within 10-12 days...

Zara Desai
Journey to empowered curls

Using Curl Cure makes me feel empowered. Refreshing to see a brand that celebrates and supports curly hair beauty.

Aayushi (Meerut, IN)
Too early to give a review

It's just been 2 weeks of using this product & I think it's too early to give an honest review of it because Such things take time to show results.
What i really like about this hair serum is that it doesn't feel as sticky on my scalp as i had thought it would. Also it smells nice.
I'm using it daily and hoping it'll deliver what it has promised and maybe then i can give my review.
Thank you 💕

Rohan Kumar
My curl's daily elixir

The transformation in my curls is incredible, all thanks to Curl Cure's amazing products.

Hair Elixir


Sindhuja Shankar (Mumbai, IN)

Hair Growth Elixir

  • Nidhi Amonkar

    This one is my most favourite product .It’s a part of both me and mom’s night care routine. We apply it everyday and massage our scalp well, it feels very relaxing infact we are currently using our second bottle and see so much difference.

  • Sheetal Surgouda

    I am still using this one, it would be too early to say anything, However, I have seen your reels regarding multipurpose use of this and I am excited to try this out.

  • Angela Mathew  

    Let me introduce you to an hair elixir by Curl Cure that’s suitable for daily scalp massages and doesn’t make your hair sticky or oily .Ideally you have to use for 90 days to see results . The ingredients are all good for hair and scalp health so give it a try if you love to do daily scalp massages and it’s a good alternative to oil. Scalp massaging will improve the blood circulation (with or without oil)

  • Purva

    I'm currently using your hair growth elixir n it's amazing 🤩❤️❤️

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