At Curl Cure, we believe that our success lies in the hands of our talented and passionate team members. We are always on the lookout for individuals who are enthusiastic about curly hair care and are dedicated to making a positive impact in the beauty industry. If you're ready to embark on an exciting journey and contribute to our mission of empowering curly-haired individuals, we invite you to explore the career opportunities with us.

Why Work with Us?

Curly Hair Advocacy:

 As a curly hair brand, we are committed to promoting inclusivity and embracing the natural beauty of curls. By joining our team, you'll have the chance to be part of a movement that celebrates and empowers individuals with curly hair.

Innovation and Growth: 

Curl Cure is driven by innovation, constantly pushing the boundaries of curly hair care. We provide an environment that encourages creativity, continuous learning, and professional growth. You'll have the opportunity to work with cutting-edge technologies and contribute to the development of new and exciting products.

Collaborative Culture:

We foster a supportive and collaborative culture where everyone's ideas are valued. We believe in teamwork and encourage open communication and diverse perspectives. Your voice will be heard, and your contributions will make a difference.

Impactful Work: 

At Curl Cure, we strive to make a positive impact on the lives of our customers. When you join our team, you'll have the chance to create products that genuinely improve the lives of curly-haired individuals, boosting their confidence and self-esteem.

Job openings available:

  • Social Media Manager
  • Graphic Designer
  • Operations Manager
  • Digital Marketing Manager
Social Media Strategy: 

Develop and implement a comprehensive social media strategy aligned with our brand's objectives and target audience. Identify key platforms, content themes, and engagement tactics to drive brand visibility and customer engagement.

Content Creation and Curation:

Get models in office to Create compelling and visually appealing content for social media channels, including posts, images, videos, and stories. Curate relevant and engaging user-generated content to showcase the authenticity and diversity of our curly-haired community.

Community Management: 

Monitor and engage with our social media community by responding to comments, messages, and inquiries in a timely and professional manner. Foster a positive and inclusive online environment, building strong relationships with our customers and influencers.

Analytics and Reporting: 

Monitor social media metrics, analyze data, and generate regular reports to assess the effectiveness of our social media efforts. Utilize insights to optimize content strategies, identify trends, and suggest improvements for future campaigns.


Social Media Expertise: Proven experience managing social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) for a brand or organization. Strong knowledge of social media trends, best practices, and emerging platforms.

Content Creation Skills: Proficiency in creating engaging and visually appealing social media content, including graphics, images, videos, and stories. Familiarity with content creation tools and photo/video editing software.

Communication Skills: Excellent written and verbal communication skills to effectively engage with our social media community and collaborate with cross-functional teams. Ability to convey brand messaging and maintain a consistent tone of voice.

Analytical Mindset: Strong analytical skills to interpret social media metrics, track campaign performance, and derive actionable insights. Experience using social media analytics tools and platforms to gather data and measure success.

Curly Hair Knowledge: A passion for curly hair care and an understanding of the unique needs and challenges of individuals with curly hair. Familiarity with the curly hair community and an ability to connect authentically with our target audience.

Adaptability and Creativity: Ability to adapt to changing social media trends and algorithms. A creative mindset to develop innovative content ideas and campaigns that resonate with our audienc

Design Creation:

 Develop visually appealing designs for various marketing materials, including social media posts, website graphics, product packaging, email newsletters, and print collateral.

Brand Consistency:

Ensure all designs adhere to brand guidelines and maintain a consistent visual identity across different platforms.

Industry Knowledge: 

Stay updated on design trends, tools, and software to maintain proficiency in graphic design. Such as Artifical Intelligence.

Creative Input:

Offer innovative ideas and creative input to enhance the overall visual presence of the brand.


Graphic Design Expertise: Demonstrated experience in graphic design with a strong portfolio showcasing diverse design projects. Proficiency in industry-standard design software such as Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign).

Creativity and Attention to Detail: Ability to think creatively, develop innovative design concepts, and exhibit a keen eye for typography, color, and composition.

Collaboration and Communication: Effective collaboration skills and excellent verbal and written communication skills to work with cross-functional teams, interpret design briefs, and present design concepts.

Time Management and Adaptability: Ability to manage multiple projects, meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment, and adapt to changing design trends and industry developments.

Proficiency in Design Tools: Experience and expertise in utilizing design tools such as Sketch, Figma, or other relevant software to create and deliver high-quality designs.

AI and Machine Learning Awareness: Familiarity with AI-powered design tools and an understanding of how AI and machine learning can enhance the design process and improveefficiency.

User Experience (UX) Design Understanding: Knowledge of UX design principles and the ability to apply them to create designs that provide a seamless and intuitive user experience.

Order Processing and Client Communication:

Coordinate and manage the end-to-end order processing, from order receipt to shipment tracking, ensuring timely and accurate fulfillment as well as to maintain regular communication with clients, addressing inquiries, providing order updates, and ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction.

Marketing Messages and Campaigns:

Collaborate with the marketing team to send out targeted marketing messages and promotional campaigns to engage our customer base & Monitor campaign performance, gather customer feedback, and provide insights for future marketing initiatives.

Inventory and Stock Management:

Update and maintain accurate stock sheets and inventory records to ensure availability of products and prevent stockouts & Collaborate with the procurement team to manage inventory levels, forecast demand, and optimize inventory replenishment.

Shipping Courier Partners and Logistics:

Work closely with shipping courier partners to ensure smooth logistics and timely delivery of orders & track and monitor shipments, resolve any shipping-related issues, and optimize shipping processes for efficiency.

Amazon Account and Order Management:

Manage our presence on the Amazon platform, including listing optimization, inventory management, and order processing.

& onitor sales performance, customer reviews, and seller metrics, implementing strategies to maximize sales and maintain a positive brand reputation.

Salon Client Support and Bookings:

Liaise with salon clients, reconfirm their bookings, and provide necessary support to ensure smooth salon operations & Coordinate with the salon team to schedule appointments and manage salon client inquiries effectively.


Operations Management Experience: Demonstrated experience in operations management, preferably in an e-commerce or retail environment.

Strong Organizational Skills: Exceptional organizational and multitasking abilities to manage various operational activities simultaneously.

Excellent Communication: Strong verbal and written communication skills to effectively interact with clients, team members, and external partners.

Attention to Detail: Keen attention to detail and accuracy in managing order processing, inventory, and financial documentation.

Problem-Solving Skills: Analytical mindset and the ability to identify and address operational challenges and implement effective solutions.

Customer-Focused Mindset: A customer-centric approach with a focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences and building long-term relationships.

Proficiency in E-commerce Platforms: Experience managing Amazon accounts and familiarity with e-commerce platforms for order processing and inventory management.

Time Management: Ability to prioritize tasks, meet deadlines, and adapt to changing business needs in a fast-paced environment.

Aptitude for Sourcing: Basic understanding of sourcing processes and vendor management, with the ability to coordinate sourcing activities effectively.

Team Player: Collaborative mindset, with the ability to work effectively with cross-functional teams and contribute to the overall success of the organization.

Digital Marketing Strategy:

Develop and execute a results-driven digital marketing strategy aligned with the brand's goals and target audience & Identify key digital channels and tactics to maximize brand visibility, engagement, and conversion rates.

Campaign Management:

Plan, execute, and optimize digital marketing campaigns across various channels, including social media, search engine marketing (SEM), email marketing, content marketing, and influencer partnerships.

Collaborate with the creative team to develop compelling campaign assets and ensure consistent brand messaging.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Implement SEO strategies to improve organic search rankings, drive website traffic, and increase visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Conduct keyword research, optimize website content, and oversee on-page and off-page SEO initiatives.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO):

Identify opportunities for improving website user experience and conversion rates through A/B testing, landing page optimization, and website analytics.

Collaborate with the web development team to implement CRO initiatives.


Google Ads Expertise: Proficiency in managing Google Ads campaigns, including search ads, display ads, and remarketing campaigns. Knowledge of keyword research, ad copywriting, bid management, and performance optimization.

Facebook Ads Management: Experience in planning and executing Facebook advertising campaigns, including audience targeting, ad creative development, budget optimization, and campaign monitoring. Familiarity with Facebook Ads Manager and ad performance analysis.

Remarketing and Retargeting: Knowledge of remarketing strategies to effectively engage and convert website visitors and past customers through tailored ad campaigns across various digital channels.

Data-driven Decision Making: Ability to leverage data insights from Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, and other analytical tools to make informed marketing decisions, optimize campaigns, and drive ROI.

Content Marketing: Understanding of content marketing principles, including content creation, distribution, and promotion strategies to enhance brand visibility, engage the target audience, and drive website traffic.

Conversion Tracking and Reporting: Proficiency in setting up conversion tracking mechanisms, analyzing conversion data, and generating performance reports to assess the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns.

Budget Allocation and Optimization: Ability to allocate digital marketing budgets effectively across channels based on performance analysis and ROI evaluation. Experience in optimizing ad spend to maximize results within budgetary constraints.

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