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Curl Cure x Neu Hair

If you've been on the hunt for the perfect salon to embrace and enhance your curly hair, look no further. Our partnership with NEU hair in Delhi is to bring you a ultimate destination for all your curly hair needs. We understand that curly hair is unique, and it deserves specialized care and attention. Our team of expert curl specialists is dedicated to making your #CurlyHairJourneyDelhi a remarkable one.

✨ The First Step to a Curly Revolution: This is just the beginning of our journey to revolutionize the salon experience for curly and wavy hair. Join us in making a change, one curl at a time! 💪

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What We Are Offering

Watch as we unfold those beautiful curls from within, with chemical free products and style them to unlock its true potential.

Wash and Style

₹ 2000

Life is too short to have boring hair. Get the perfect head turner hair cut with curl cure.

Hair Wash+ Hair Cut + Styling

₹ 2499

Hair Detox plays a very important part in bringing back your curls, we suggest to do this once in 15days or once a month for best results

Detox + Hair Spa + Styling

₹ 2999

For hair that lacks moisture, doing a deep hydration treatment will give it the moisture it requires.

Deep Hydration Treatment + Styling

₹ 2499

Protein is the basis of your hairs foundation, it helps fight hair breakage and makes it stronger.

Protein Treatment + Wash & Styling

₹ 2499

Dandruff On Your Mind? Wash It Away Forever, With This Effective Dandruff Control Treatment That Lets You Flaunt Your Gorgeous Tresses.

Dandruff Treatment + Deep Hydration and Styling

₹ 2999

Using Our Services

  • Transforming the Salon Experience:

    We've joined forces with Curl Cure to redefine the salon experience for curlies and wavies. No more harsh treatments or awkward salon visits; we're here to celebrate your curls.

  • The Expertise of #CurlExpertsDelhi

    Our team of #CurlExpertsDelhi comprises seasoned professionals who understand the intricacies of curly hair. They have the knowledge and experience to cater to the specific needs of curly hair, whether it's a curly haircut, styling, or treatments.
  • Tailored Solutions for Curly Hair

    We understand that no two curls are the same, which is why we offer personalized solutions to address your unique hair needs. Our experts will assess your curls and provide tailored recommendations that suit your hair type and style preferences.
  • A Journey of Self-Discovery

    Visiting NEU Salon isn't just about getting a haircut or styling; it's a journey of self-discovery. We believe that when you embrace your natural curls, you're embracing your authentic self. Our salon is a place where you can be yourself and let your curls shine.

Frequently Ask Questions

How can a curly hair salon help enhance and manage my natural curls ?

At our curly hair salon, our experienced stylists are trained in the art of curly hair care. We understand the unique needs of different curl types and textures. Our expert techniques and specialized products are designed to enhance your natural curls, reduce frizz, and promote healthy, defined hair. Whether you're looking for a haircut, styling, or treatment, we have the expertise to help you embrace and manage your curls with confidence.

What specialized services does your curly hair salon offer for different curl types and textures?

Our curly hair salon offers a range of specialized services tailored to cater to diverse curl types and textures. From loose waves to tight coils, we provide customized haircuts, styling, and treatments to suit your specific curl pattern. Our stylists are trained in various curl-enhancing techniques, including dry cutting, finger coiling, and twist-outs. We also offer treatments such as deep conditioning, protein treatments, and moisture replenishment, all aimed at nourishing and revitalizing your unique curls.

What products do you recommend for maintaining healthy and defined curls between salon visits?

We understand that maintaining healthy and defined curls requires the right products. At our curly hair salon, we recommend high-quality, curl-friendly products that are free from harsh chemicals and sulfates. These products are specifically formulated to hydrate, define, and protect your curls. From leave-in conditioners and curl creams to gels and serums, our stylists can guide you in selecting the best products for your curl type and provide personalized recommendations to maintain your curls between salon visits.

How can I book an appointment at your curly hair salon and what is the process

Booking an appointment at our curly hair salon is easy and convenient. You can visit our website and click on the "Book Now" button to access our online booking system. Simply select your preferred date and time, choose your desired service, and provide your contact information.
NEU Hair Salon - Vasant Vihar
Shop 5, Mezzanine Floor, near Hotel Vasant Continental, Basant Lok, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi 110057
Store hours: 
10am - 9pm IST, 7 days a week
NEU Hair Salon - South Point Mall
UG 1C, South Point Mall, Sector 53, Gurugram, Haryana 122002
Store hours: 
10am - 9pm IST, 7 days a week

Customer Experiences

Superb service ! I went in hopes of getting some love for my curly hair which are hardly understood by a salon in Delhi NCR. And I was amazed to see that Rajesh (who worked on my hair) not even once told me that they were frizzy/rough/curly/needed keratin/Botox and what not ! He patiently understood my concerns and asked about my general hair routine and showed every single product that he used on my hair. I went for a normal wash and style but ended up getting a hair spa done as well because Rajesh was superb at his work and how he handled my hair with such ease and no pain! Thank you Neusalon and Rajesh, I guess girls like with curly hair are blessed to finally have a safe place like yours for their hair. Keep up the excellent work :)

- Cherry Verma

Zakir is one of the best hair stylist I have ever come across. He is extremely good at his craft, very genuine human being, and cares for his customers.

- Vikramjeet Sharma

When it comes to hair experiments, I am a novice. I've been following Neu Salon on the internet for a few years and have always been impressed by their hair makeovers. Faizan assisted me in figuring out the right hair color and how we might achieve it without causing damage to my hair. He was extremely attentive with my questions and made me feel at ease throughout the entire procedure. The service was fantastic. I would recommend NEU Salon to anyone who is apprehensive about their first hair colour or makeover. When it comes to hair, it's safe to say they're the best on the market!! I'm still getting used to the new colour, but I've already received amazing compliments so far. Kudos to Faizan and his entire team. The salon's hospitality and cleanliness are above par. (strictly adhering to the covid protocols, which I really liked and they make you feel safe)

- Charu

The services at Neu Salon are amazing. Got the balayage done from Faizan and Roger, I must say the experience has been by far the best. So professional and well behaved people and such a fine technique for color blending. I would rate it as a 5 star. Kudos!

- Meghna Das

I had a wonderful experience with Yash. Lovely to talk to, and great at his skill. You can trust them with your hair as it’s a salon only for hair, so they know their job well.

- Himani Gupta

Expect the unexpected. Zakir did the haircut and trimming. He has exceptional knowledge in this field. From the time you put first step they feel you welcomed. I m so happy to choose this place.

- Abhishek Gupta